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For over a decade, the principals of Anton Agency (Anton) have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions. Not from the side of the brokerage, but from the buying and selling side. You see they are experienced investors. As long time investors, they have seen what makes a different experience when it comes to buying and selling real estate from an agency side. Frankly put, Anton will never be the biggest agency, but we very well may the best!

Anton’s principals have had an impressive management history of portfolios in some of the country’s premiere Real Estate locations. Anton’s agents strive on using we focus on assisting buyers and sellers of real estate primarily in Indiana, Illinois, and Florida.

We will never be an agency of a lot of brokers and agents. We have only brokers and agents that treat buyers and seller of real estate as a serious career, and not a hobby. Whether buying or selling your first home, or a multi-million dollar investment we have the team to make sure your real estate transaction is smooth, secure and filled with value.

We understand the needs of today’s real estate buyer. We strive to assist the buyer in every step to ensure we close the deal. Purchasing real estate can sometimes be a little intimidating. We use simplicity in our approach to break complex parts of the process down to manageable items. Our Goal: A great experience at from Contract to Close!

We understand the needs of today’s seller. When someone is selling a property, there usually is a problem to solve (financial, retirement, space needs, etc.). Again, we use a simplistic approach and real, innovative, and creative solutions and get your property sold while preserving its market value. Our Goal: A Great experience Contract to Close!

Our customer service is not traditional. Anton is known for quality service. Just like our sister company Anton Asset Management; we use technology to help provide our customer service. Because of this, we are highly regarded by property owners, buyers/sellers, financial institutions and tenants. Our friendly, innovative, and exceptional service sets us apart from other real estate brokerage companies.

You might notice that most of our team is able to do most of their business with their tablet and/or smart phone, leaving the traditional brokerage office with its cubicles, filing cabinets, and dull environments a thing of the past with us. Other brokerage companies cannot meet our innovation, extensive resources, long-standing relationships with the community. Welcome to the new way to do business in real estate!


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